Starting Over

What does it mean to “start over”?

Like really, what do people mean when they say “I’m just gonna start over”. Now, whether that be with a new job, new relationship, new education path, it doesn’t really matter, it seems as though we hear those 2 words from ourselves and others whenever we find out something has gone terribly wrong, or is headed that way.

The reason I bring all of this up is I recently found myself saying those two words: “start over”, and I don’t know if I really knew what that meant to me. I mean, yes, I wanted something to change, but “changing” isn’t the same as “starting over”.

Changing could simply mean altering the current way you approach things, but ultimately continuing on the same path to the same destination you had originally set out for. Think of it like a detour. Sure, you might go down a few roads that you’re unfamiliar with, but you have the same goal in mind.

But starting over….what makes that different?

To me, that means to go beyond just “taking a detour” but to realize the destination you had in mind, although it once was a proper and/or suitable goal, things have changed in your life, so it’s time to change with them.

But here’s the million dollar question: where do you start?

And that’s something I don’t believe anyone can answer for you, but rather, you have to discover for yourself. Of course, people can nudge you and give you advice, but only you will know what’s really the right thing to do.

And for some, maybe that means you don’t change a lot in what you’re doing actually. Maybe you wake up every day with a single purpose in mind, a single source of motivation. And maybe, the only thing that needs to be changed is the reason why you wake up every day, and that single change could be the catalyst to a bigger realization in your life.

You might find out that when your motivation changes, so does your interests, your goals, and aspirations.

I’m not trying to get all feel good here either. I’m just trying to speak my mind and share a little of the things and changes going in my life right now.


thanks for reading,